February is a month of love. Whether we are freshly in love or in a relationship or marriage for many years, we should celebrate love every day. However, Valentine's Day is an ideal opportunity to show that love with a special gesture or gift.
IQOS is a fantastic gift to make your special romantic moments free of tobbacco smoke.

Choose for yourself or your loved one* a phenomenal combination of IQOS devices with unique IQOS accessories at special prices.

-50% discount on selected accessories with purchase IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3 Duo or IQOS 3 Multi
-35% discount on all IQOS accessories (without purchase of IQOS device)

Offer is valid in period February 8-14 or until inventory expires.
So hurry up to the IQOS zones to pick your favorite combination or call IQOS sales representative to arrange a location of your choice on the toll free number 0800 2 12 12.

*Loved one is an adult person who would otherwise continue smoking cigarettes.

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Care you can count on
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