For a smoke-free summer, IQOS has prepared a special offer for you:

• 15 KM gift voucher with every purchase of an IQOS device
• 35% discount on all IQOS accessories (without purchasing the device)

If you are already an IQOS user, why wouldn‘t you refresh the look of your IQOS device and treat yourself with a unique IQOS accessories for a special discounted price of -35% on all IQOS accessories.

Also, with recommendation code, your friends, adult smokers, are entitled to an additional discount of 15 KM when purchasing their first IQOS device, and we reward you, as always, with 15 KM for each successful recommendation

The offer is valid in the period 19-22. June or until stock depletion. So hurry to the IQOS store to choose your favorite combination or visit our IQOS online store, and the IQOS sales representative will call you to arrange a meeting at the location of your choice.

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