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Let’s discover the amazing in the everyday, together. With IQOS CLUB you will get access to experiences, special services and much more.
Memorable Experiences
Make a connection with other members at IQOS CLUB events, have the opportunity to win amazing prizes - and that’s only the beginning.
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Exceptional Service
We are always here for you. Get trouble-free support with our IQOS CARE PLUS service package - including international assistance, IQOS Care Team Agent support and more.

Special Offers
Be delighted with unique rewards chosen just for you. Enjoy personalized device upgrade deals, receive points for referring adult smoker friends and a whole lot more.

How it works
IQOS CLUB is dedicated to reqistered users only. You may simply join IQOS CLUB by logging in online or at any IQOS zone.
Collect points when you interact with us, refer adult smoker friends, or even buy your favorite IQOS products.
Points earned open doors to amazing benefits and discoveries.

Membership highlights


Your first step into the amazing world of IQOS CLUB.


Feel looked after with international assistance, accidental damage coverage and guidance from your IQOS Care Team Agent.

TRADE IN with savings up to 15 KM

This offer allows you to trade your old device with a new one with savings of up to 15 KM.

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