Recommend to a friend - general terms

As part of the IQOS Club program, registered IQOS users (in the PMBH database) have the opportunity to invite their adult smoker friends to purchase the IQOS ILUMA device at precisely defined IQOS retail locations and qualify for an "IQOS voucher" for each successful referral. The General Terms of the IQOS Club program listed here apply to both the person making the recommendation ("Referrer") and the person being recommended ("Referred"), collectively referred to as "Participants" hereinafter.

Philip Morris BH d.o.o. Sarajevo ("PMBH") has the right to suspend, terminate, or change the General Terms of the IQOS Club program at any time and for any reason. Credits earned in accordance with the General Terms until the moment of change, suspension, or termination will be honored.

Information about the "Referred":

The Referred is an individual who has given consent to the Referrer to share their contact information with PMBH (and authorized retail traders) for the purpose of contacting the Referred regarding the potential purchase of the IQOS ILUMA device. If the Referred is not an adult smoker or has not given consent for remote communication, further communication will be suspended by PMBH.

1. Right to participate

Participants must be 18 years or older and smokers or IQOS users. Participants must be residents of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, proving this by presenting their ID to the sales staff, if requested. Participants must be real individuals. Individuals acquiring the right to participate as Referrers must:

• Be registered IQOS users
• Additionally, PMBH may choose specific consumer groups to include in the program

2. Personal account credit
• Credit can be accumulated as follows:
o The Referrer shares their unique referral code received from the program organizing team.
o The person receiving the code (Referred) must show the code when purchasing the first IQOS device.
o The Referred is not already a registered IQOS user.
o The Referred registers at the time of purchase, following the valid rules for purchasing the first IQOS device.
o The referral code shown by the Referred is valid, verified at the moment of code presentation.
o The Referred and Referrer must always be different individuals.
• A successful referral is one in which all the above conditions are met, and the purchase is finalized.
• When the Referred purchases the IQOS ILUMA device using the Referrer's code, the Referrer will receive a credit of 15 KM in their account, confirmed by SMS. When the Referred purchases the lil SOLID Ez device using the Referrer's code, the Referrer will receive a credit of 5 KM in their account. The credit collected on the personal account can be used to reduce bills when purchasing any item in IQOS zones.
• Each Referred can use the referral code only once when purchasing the first IQOS ILUMA device, regardless of whether the Referred received several codes from the same or different Referrers. The referral code has no expiration date.
• The redemption of the referral code is possible in IQOS retail locations and with IQOS sales representatives in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska.
• The IQOS Club program can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.
• Credit collected on the personal account can be used for products in IQOS retail locations or with IQOS sales representatives and cannot be returned in exchange for cash. The credit cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to another person, or used outside IQOS retail locations or with IQOS sales representatives. When using the credit, the Referrer can use it in amounts of 15 KM (30 KM, 45 KM, etc.), and it is not possible to receive a refund if the Referrer wants to purchase goods in an amount less than the specified rounded value of the credit. Voucher abuse leads to exclusion from the program and potential legal consequences.
• If PMBH independently determines that Participants have met the General Terms, it will confirm that Participants have earned the bonuses outlined in the Program's terms. The Referrer will automatically receive vouchers provided for the needs of the IQOS Club program. PMBH may send an SMS or email to any of the Participants if it is necessary to provide notice of the account status or referral code.
• The value of the credit for use in the IQOS zone that the Referrer earns can be used within one year of acquisition. Referrers who earned their credit before January 1, 2023, can use it until December 31, 2023. Credit not used within the specified period will automatically expire.
• The product catalog that can be purchased with the voucher in the IQOS zone is defined by the Retailer and is subject to change.
• The calculation of the voucher amount is an automatic process based on the use of Referral Codes and the purchase of IQOS special offers in IQOS retail locations and with IQOS sales representatives. PMBH reserves the right to, at its discretion, examine compliance with the General Terms.
• When purchasing IQOS devices, only one code can be shown or used.

3. Sharing the Referral Code

The Referrer will not share or publish the Referral Code in a way or place where there is no reasonable basis to believe that the audience consists of adult smokers or IQOS users to whom the Referral Code pertains. The Referrer may share their Referral Code in any way they want, as long as that form of communication can be characterized as personal communication. Advertising or mass promotion of the Referral Code is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate exclusion from the Program, without the possibility of using previously acquired Credit. The Referrer will exempt and will not hold PMBH, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents, and collaborators responsible for any claims arising from the unauthorized sharing of the Referral Code.

4. Miscellaneous

• PMBH reserves the right to investigate participation in the Program to discover any abuses and to take all necessary measures to prevent or remedy them. These measures may include PMBH deciding to suspend the sale of IQOS special offers with included vouchers. A voucher obtained through abuse or non-compliance with the General Terms will have a value of zero.
• PMBH reserves the right to examine the participation of any Participant in the Program to uncover any abuse of the Referral Code for personal gain. Investigation will be triggered when one Referral Code is used more than 10 times. The company reserves the right to invalidate the Code based on the results of the investigation.
• The laws of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina apply to the IQOS Club program. In the case of any dispute, the Municipal Court in Sarajevo will have jurisdiction.
• The IQOS Club program is organized by the company Philip Morris BH d.o.o., Trg oslobođenja 2A, Sarajevo.