IQOS Devices

Support FAQ IQOS Devices
Support FAQ IQOS Devices
IQOS Holder and Pocket Charger are designed to be safe, as electronic devices, when used in accordance with the instructions in the User Guide.
They both comply with the EU consumer electronic safety requirements indicated by the “CE" (European Conformity) symbols on the packaging.
For more details refer to the User Guide.
If your IQOS device is not working, simply perform a reset.
Still no luck? Please contact Customer Care via free line: 0800 2 12 12, e-mail, Facebook or Viber.
Working hours are: Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00pm.


Or ask for assistance at the nearest IQOS store
[All IQOS Stores give support in terms of warranty. Please redirect to IQOS Store finder in this website].
Keep IQOS away from water, direct sunlight and/or heat.
Do not leave IQOS device for extended period of time in a hot place, such as inside a car, as the battery or electronics may be damaged or significantly deteriorated.
You can easily clean your IQOS™ Holder and Cap in few steps:
IQOS Holder:

• Prepare
1. switch off your IQOS Holder
2. wait for at least 30 seconds to cool down the blade
3. remove the cap
4. slide open your IQOS Cleaning Tool and check if it is not deformed and free of particles

• Insert
1. with a straight and gentle gesture, insert the IQOS Cleaning Tool till it touches the bottom of the heating chamber
2. do not twist yet

• Clean
1. without any further pushing pressure, gently twist IQOS™ Cleaning Tool 2-3 times
2. stop twisting, and extract the Tool straight from the Holder
3. gently tap the Holder and the Cleaning Tool to remove the tobacco residuals

• Finalize – use the IQOS™ Cleaning Sticks as a finishing touch.
1. insert the IQOS™ Cleaning Stick straight along the chamber
2. do not push or hit against the blade
3. do not attempt to clean the blade
4. in case IQOS™ Cleaning Stick is blocked, do not force. Simply use again the IQOS Cleanig Tool and repeat the above steps.

1. Clean the inside of the IQOS™ Cap from the top with the IQOS™ Cleaning Sticks
2. Clean the bottom of the Cap with the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool:
a. Insert the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool till it touches the bottom of the Cap
b. Without extra push, gently twist the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool 2 - 3 times
c. Stop twisting, and gently tap both the cap and the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool to remove tobacco residuals.
Gently tap the IQOS™ Cleaning Tool on a surface and use a cloth to get rid of the residues.
Do not clean it with water to avoid any humid contact with the electronics of the IQOS™ Holder.
To ensure optimal taste, we recommend cleaning your IQOS™ once a day.
You can clean even more frequently if you feel to.
A regular cleaning of your IQOS™ will make the cleaning process quick and smooth.
Only use IQOS™ original cleaning tools to clean your IQOS™.
This product is not risk-free and delivers nicotine, which is addictive. For adult use only.​